Help your managers

become leaders

Give your people managers the right guidance at the right time with automatically triggered tips, reminders, and nudges. 

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Turn your managers into the bosses you always wished to have yourself.

A few examples how Zavvy helps your people managers thrive.

Leadership Training

Automatically enroll new managers upon promotion

Just-in-Time Guidance

Send out instructions ahead of key moments like the first 1:1 meeting

Team Member Management

Help with new hire intros, anniversaries, parental leave returners, team meetings,...

Dealing With Challenges

Support them in difficult circumstances, such as death, salary negotiation disputes, and layoffs.

  • Better Leadership

  • Smaller Costs

  • Productive Employees

A 40% improvement in leadership behavior

At Google, timely nudges led to a 40% increase in beneficial behavior. And those were merely sent out via email.

Save thousands from inefficient leadership training

Sadly, most knowledge from one-off workshops gets lost anyway. Stop wasting your budget by focusing on relevant advice - right at the time of need.

Enable your leaders so they can enable their teams

Stronger leadership leads to employees that are more engaged, more productive, and more likely to stay.

How it works


Choose your programs

Select and customize readymade, powerful programs from our library.


Define your channel

Use Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email to notify people where they are.


Deliver info just-in-time

Automatically trigger the right advice in key situations like promotions or development talks.


Support throughout the year

Run workflows that engage managers at any key moment to boost leadership performance.

Give advice when it's needed the most.

Trigger actionable advice by updates in your HRIS system, roles, important events, and more.

one on one meeting

Leverage a library of actionable lessons

Our templates help you get started in minutes with relevant content that fits your people's schedule. You have your own courses? Add them!

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Use smart criteria to hyperpersonalize the experience

Easily tailor your information specifically to departments or locations - and customize the sendout accordingly.


Choose your channel

Reach people where they actually are by connecting Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

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Integrate your whole toolstack

HRIS systems like BambooHR, Hibob, and Personio to sync employee data and set up relevant triggers.

Content platforms like Youtube, Typeform, Google Drive, and Loom so you can connect the content you already have.

Collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack so you can reach people in the places they spend most of their time in. 

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Get a live demo

Automated advice for any situation - and 100% customizable by you.

🎉 Promotion to people manager

Congrats! Here's how to become a standout people manager at Demofy.

👥 Meet your mentor

Please meet Stan. He's going to be your manager coach for the next years. Time to connect!

📅 Your first 1:1 meeting

Tomorrow's your first 1:1 with a direct report. Here are 3 tips to do great.

📊 Time for performance reviews

Performance reviews are due next week! This is how to prepare for the meetings.

🤰 Jen is back from parental leave

Help prepare her a warm welcome and find the right work-life balance.

🚀 Your new hire starts tomorrow

Here's what you should do.

🌊 Managing change in difficult times

Our company is going through a reorganization process. And we want to help you transparently communicate with your team about it.